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Are there any age restrictions for Heist Escape Room?

We have tried our stories/adventures with all ages and it is equally enjoyable for all age groups. For practical reasons, since this is a group activity and we need a certain level of maturity, we recommend a minimum age to 12 years old, but there is no maximum age. We love kids and if you want to bring in children who are younger than 12 no problem, but remember this is an adult game and therefore younger children probably will not enjoy it nor understand it. There must be at least one player over 18 years of age playing in the room.

Can I play on my own?

Our detailed, theatrical games are all designed for 4 – 7 players.

So how many people should play?

We have tested all sorts of numbers but the ideal is between 4-7. For this reason we are quite strict about these team sizes, as we want to ensure that each and every Heist Escape Room experience is excellent.

Can you handle larger groups?

We will be relocating to an 8,000 sq ft. facility opening 2024. Stay tuned for updates!

Can a wheelchair-bound or disabled person play a Heist Escape Room adventure?

Absolutely. There is no reason why players with a handicap should not also enjoy the experience as well. However, please be aware that due to safety and practicality reasons we only allow one person in a wheelchair or disabled to take part in each group as they will need the assistance from able-bodies players. Please call us for more details PRIOR to booking.

So how long does the adventure last?

Each adventure is 60 minutes long and we suggest you arrive 10 minutes before game time for the story briefing and/or complete the necessary waiver.

Do I really need to sign a waiver?

Yes, it’s a sign of the times. ALL PLAYERS including minors with or without a parent or guardian need to complete the required waiver before playing. To save everyone time players can complete this waiver form as this will greatly help speed up game play for you and your fellow adventurers!


We have a strict NO CANCELLATION / NO REFUND policy. All sales are final and nonrefundable. If you need to reschedule, you MUST email us AT LEAST 48 hours before your reservation. If you contact us after this period, or if your booking was created within this period, we WILL NOT be able to reschedule your booking.