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Fantastically crafted escape room experience! Our group played the diamond heist escape room. Loved the very creative high-tech elements and the many different types of puzzles. It was challenging enough to be engaging and keep us thinking, but so difficult as to be overwhelming or impossible. Unlimited hints are also available, which we took advantage of a few times. Hints pointed us in the right direction but didn’t give it all away. Kevin is a wonderful host and has really created something unique, fun, and special here. This is the third escape room I’ve done and I think it was the best of all them. I definitely recommend this! Easy booking, quick check in, and tons of fun! What’s not to love?

Lance Hough (Google Local Guide)

The Escape Room itself was well-designed, challenging, and so much fun! The puzzles were cleverly crafted and required us to use our problem-solving skills to progress through the room. It was such a thrill to work together with my friends to crack the codes and unlock each new challenge. The attention to detail in the room’s design was impressive, and the atmosphere was immersive, transporting us to a different world for the hour we were there.

Even though we didn’t manage to escape in time, we had an absolute blast trying, and it was an experience we won’t soon forget. I’m already looking forward to returning to try out their other rooms and see if we can beat the clock next time.

Claire S. (Yelp Elite 2023)

This. place. is. legit! Had a BLAST last night with my girlfriend and our friends taking on this escape room. There were so many clues and hints and the complexity was off the charts but fun! My favorite parts include the guard, the acting, and of course doing our best to steal the diamond. Kevin, our host, was gracious and fun to play alongside. Everything was so creative, I did not want to stop playing. There were many times we were stumped but with a few hints, and good teamwork, we made it … 5 minutes over the time  I didn’t care but MAN it was fun. Book your next date night, company outing, or family fun with The Heist Escape Room. You will not regret it!

Sivasa L. (Yelp Elite 2023)

This was an awesome experience! One of the best escape rooms I’ve ever done! It was challenging and really immersive for a group of 7. We all had fun and I highly recommend this place!!

Minju K. (Yelp Elite 2023)